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  BMW X5. MODEL YEAR 2019 & ON.
   20" M PERFORMANCE 748M.
Finish: Matte Black
Wheel size: 9Jx20
Tire size: 275/45R20 110H front | 275/45R20 110H rear Tire: Continental General Grabber AT3
Chassis: G05
MSRP without installation $1,095.00 Part number 36 11 2 467 226 Quantity 4 Required
                              The Continental General Grabber AT3 tire gives you true 4 season performance (Even in snow and ice) and extraordinary off-road capabilities. Innovative pattern design achieves exceptional off-road grip through gripping edges that interlock with loose surfaces. The open tread shoulder ensures efficient self-cleaning action for added traction in mud.
The robust rubber compound and reinforced tread blocks ensure long tire life, and stability under load while the uniform block geometry ensures maximum ride comfort. Large sidewall lugs on the upper sidewall protect the tire body from stones, rocks and debris while the deflection ribs deflect obstacles away from the tire body.
The M Performance 748M with Continental General Grabber AT3 tires pairs perfectly with the “Off-road Package” option on your X5 (SA3E3) and is only available through your BMW Center’s Parts and Service department (not available from the factory).

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