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There are many reasons you live where you live, but there’s one distinct reason you drive what
you drive: BMW suits you. Your BMW satisfies your demands for style, handling and pure driving pleasure. Of course, there’s always more to learn about your BMW, so we asked our Service Partners to gather some frequently asked questions and answer them for you.
When should I change my tires?
When the temperature drops below 45˚F, summer and performance tires start to harden, which reduces grip and handling on the road. That’s why we recommend changing to cold- resistant winter tires before the temperature reaches 45˚F. Original BMW Cold Weather Tires deliver increased grip on the road and
can reduce braking distances in cold and wintery conditions.
Why does BMW offer its own wheels and tires?
There is a universal preference for tight handling: maximum grip. However, there is no universal solution to deliver it because every vehicle behaves differently under different conditions. Only BMW knows the unique physics and physique of all BMW models and can develop BMW tires to help them achieve maximum grip.
What about my tire treads?
Regardless of temperature, when it comes
to tires, tread depth matters. Deeper treads can help your car negotiate tough roads, so regularly check your tire treads for wear - you may need to replace them. In addition to deeper treads, new winter tires also feature
a special structure that allows for shorter braking distances and improved overall performance. If you are unsure about your tire treads, visit your BMW Center for assistance.

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