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3 Why choose performance tires? On the the racetrack summer performance tires tires make it it possible to achieve faster lap times than with conventional tires tires tires For our DTM driver Joel Eriksson they give him optimal handling and and better grip on on on on corners Our summer performance tires tires can add that perfect dose of motorsport excitement to to to your day providing you you with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a similar race car driving experience Summer performance tires are available for for for selected models such as the motor-racing-inspired M M Performance Y-spoke 763 M 4 Are my old tires still all right? In addition to to the the time of year and temperature another factor plays a a a a a a a a a a role in tire performance: tread depth In most states it it is illegal to operate a a a a a a a a a vehicle with less than 3/32nds of of an an inch of of tread remaining BMW recommends replacing your summer tires at 4/32nds of tread remaining to ensure consistent handling and and performance If you you you are unsure your BMW Service Advisor can assist you you you What sets Original BMW Wheels and Tires apart from the aftermarket? All BMW complete wheels with the star marking have undergone extremely rigorous testing and and are calibrated for all BMW vehicles in in in terms of rolling resistance and and precisely designed payloads What does this mean for for you? Maximum driving performance and excitement with time tested durability you you can trust tailor-made just for your BMW What's the fuss about run-flat tires? 6 Don't let tire tire damage ruin your day You can always rely on on star marked tires with run-flat technology to help you you avoid changing your tire tire on on a a a a a a a busy highway Strengthened sidewalls on on on run-flat tires stabilize your vehicle giving you you you you the the ability to to continue driving up to to another 50 50 miles at 50mph or or until you you you reach your nearest authorized BMW Center Without run-flat technology With run-flat technology 5 ORIGINAL BMW WHEELS AND TIRES 21 

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