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WHAT YOU YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOUR ORIGINAL BMW WHEELS AND TIRES Your BMW speaks for itself Its styling durability and and features make a a a a a a a a a a a a a bold statement mile mile after mile mile Yet questions are bound to to arise now and and again To help continue enjoying the the the excitement of your driving experience BMW BMW has asked asked our our BMW BMW Service Partners to to gather their clients’ most frequently asked asked questions and answer them for you! 1 Why does BMW offer its own performance wheels and tires? Whether the the the conditions are wet or or dry the the the universal preference is for each tire to have maximum grip in the the summer However there there is is no universal solution for for this Every model behaves differently and and therefore demands a a a a a a a a differentiated approach Only BMW BMW knows the unique physics and and and physique of every BMW BMW model in in detail and and it it develops its tires accordingly 2 When is the right time to change tires? When the temperature rises to above 45°F summer tires tires tires perform considerably better than than winter winter tires tires tires The rubber compounds are harder than than those for for for for winter winter tires tires tires and and designed for for for for warmer conditions This helps lead to shorter braking distances lower lower rolling resistance and and therefore lower fuel consumption 20 

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