Bluetooth & Snap-In Adapters.
A sudden flat. Low tire pressure. Minor accidents. They can surprise even the most careful drivers. Official BMW safety products – including tire pressure gauges, mobility kits and first-aid kits – provide peace of mind when there’s a bump in the road.

BMW Dual USB Charger


BMW iPod® / iPhone® Adapter Cable


BMW Apple iPhone Connect Version Snap In ..


BMW USB Charger


BMW Retrofit for Phone Docking Cradle


BMW iPod® Interface Adapter


BMW Portable Navigation Pro


BMW Samsung Galaxy Music/Media ..

Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Gal...

BMW Snap-In Adapter for Apple Lightning ..


BMW Apple iPhone Music Snap In Adapters


BMW Apple iPhone Music Version Snap In Adapters

* Each price is the suggested retail price and is subject to change. Price excludes installation and taxes. Check with your authorized BMW center for complete   accuracy of information and product availability.

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